The value of the 3500 properties I've been involved with is approximately £1 billion.

They would cover an area equal to 40 football pitches, and piled high, would exceed twice the height of Mount Everest, but I'm afraid they wouldn't reach the moon!

Those 3500 properties have included 60 barns, 18 shops, 16 schools and 10 churches.

I've taken around 5000 photographs and printed over 70,000 photocopies. The total volume of project files still weights less than an elephant and wouldn't fill any double decker busses...

...however, all the drawings produced laid end to end would be longer than 60 buses!

Unfortunately the five private swimming pools I've designed, if put together, still wouldn't fill one olympic-sized pool!

Although all of these facts and figures may be trivial, every project is as important and taken as seriously as the previous job.